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We manufacture premium stainless steel fittings in the heart of the USA

APN Inc. was established in 1978, with the purchase of KLM, a manufacturing company in Caledonia, MN. APN began building its business by serving the dairy industry. Since then, we've grown and dramatically expanded our capabilities and product line, and have relocated to Holmen, WI. As our company has grown, our Midwest work ethic, quality standards, and friendly service have remained core values at APN, which is evidenced by our continued success today.

During our four decades in business, APN has become an industry authority on standard and customized stainless steel fittings and machine parts. We have the equipment, processes and highly experienced personnel to ensure engineering specifications and standards are met or exceeded.

Keep your projects running smoothly with APN!

You invest in keeping your employees, equipment, and processes running without delays or disruptions. To continue running smoothly, your skilled welders, craftspeople and technicians need high quality, timely materials. Provide them with the low risk, high quality SS components they need to get the job done right. APN sanitary fittings have been certified under 3-A standard 63-03 since 1981 and continue to uphold the 3-A 63-03 quality standards.

Get your jobs done right the first time, and save!

APN offers years of experience in the fabrication of stainless steel manifolds, discharge headers, and membrane housings used in sanitary and industrial fluid processing systems. We use t-drills with digital read out and ball pulling to create 3/4" to 6" branches on 1 1/2" to 8" tube and Schedule 10 pipe. To provide non-interrupted orbital welds, we use specialized welding lathes and orbital welding equipment that are backed by inert gas purging systems. Robotics have been installed to deliver consistent, high-quality polishing. New CNC Lathes with up to 7 axis are available for all your high tolerance machining needs.

With APN's attention to detail, you can depend on a hassle-free assembly in your facility or in the field!